Realine Clear Braces

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What kind of cases can Realine be used to treat?

Answer: Realine is a straightforward, five-step clear aligner system designed specifically to address minor orthodontic and cosmetic issues you see every day. Realine is a clinically effective treatment for anterior cosmetic issues including mild malocclusion, minimal crowding and orthodontic relapse.

Question: How much movement can be accomplished utilizing the Realine Clear Aligner System?

Answer: Movement is dependent upon individual patient physiology and age.  In general the Realine system is capable of approximately 2mm of tooth movement and 10 degrees of tooth rotation.

Question: What is the primary cause of orthodontic relapse?

Answer: Lack of retainer wear is the primary cause of orthodontic relapse. Market indications are that 90% of all orthodontic cases will relapse.

Question: What is the difference between Realine and Invisalign?

Answer: Invisalign is used for more complex orthodontic cases that may require significantly more aligners and a year or more of treatment. Realine is a straightforward 5-stage aligner scheme that is used to correct minor cosmetic issues over a period of about 3 months.

Question: How will I know whether I will like the outcome of the Realine case or not?

Answer: Prior to Align fabricating the appliances, Dr. Levi will have the opportunity to review the treatment plan via and “Treatment Viewer” which is their web based application that shows the initial and final position of the patient’s dentition. You will be shown a 3D rendering of the completed case. At that time, you can either decline the case for which there is no charge. If, however, you accept the treatment proposal, the aligners will be fabricated and sent directly to the Dr. Levi's office.

Question: What is a Vivera Retainer and why should I use it?

Answer: They are clear thermoplastic retainers used for post-treatment retention on both Invisalign and non-Invisalign patients. Vivera retainers are 30% stronger than other leading clear retainer products. Unlike other products that supply only one set of retainers, Align provides three sets of Vivera retainers per order.

Question: What is a Realine Replacement Aligner?

Answer: Align makes replacements available for those times when a patient may lose an aligner, however, there is a charge for this service. If, however, the aligner breaks through normal use, there would be no charge for this service.

Question: How long does the Realine aligner fabrication process take to complete?

Answer: A total of approximately three weeks is needed. Once Align Technologies receives the impressions and completed prescription form, it takes about 10 days to complete the treatment plan. Once you accept the treatment plan, you can expect to receive the aligners in your office within another 10 days.

Question: What is the normal treatment time for a Realine case?

Answer: The normal treatment time for Realine cases is 2.5 to 3 months. This is the case if the patient wears each aligner for 2 weeks, as recommended.

Question: How much actual chair time is necessary to complete a Realine treatment?

Answer: The first appointment which will require the impressions and intra-oral photos will usually take 20—30 minutes. After that, the subsequent appointments shouldn’t take longer than a few minutes. The total chairtime for the entire treatment shouldn’t be more than an hour.

Question: Will insurance cover the cost of a Realine treatment?

Answer: Since the treatment is likely to be cosmetic, it is unlikely.  However, Align does have information on Insurance billing as part of the doctor site to provide Dr. Levi with additional information should you choose to bill insurance.

Question: What material is used to fabricate the Realine clear aligners? Does this material present any allergy concerns?

Answer: Realine clear aligners are made from the SmartTrack material, a proprietary construction of biocompatible medical grade thermoplastics that are designed to provide an improved combination of aligner forces and patient comfort. The possibility of allergic reactions is very low. Patients should immediately discontinue use of the aligners if they cause an allergic reaction. Allergic reactions should be reported to Align.