A large concern for patients who are considering Invisalign treatment to perfect their smiles is the cost of Invisalign. This leaves questions such as "How much am I responsible for out of pocket for Invisalign?" and "What are my options?"

Invisalign treatment ranges between $4500-$6200, which includes the aligners, gel whitening, and basic retainers. At Mina Levi, DDS we strive to provide a wide range of options for our patients so that they can achieve their dream smile with Invisalign:

We Accept Insurance

For patients with dental insurance, we can check if your plan covers part of the fee for Invisalign. If orthodontic treatment is available on the plan, it usually covers between $500-$2500 of the cost, reducing the patient portion significantly. We are contracted with a wide range of insurance companies so that all of our patients can receive the care they need with us. If you wish to see if your policy is on our list, check out our Insurance Partners.

Payment Options

We provide a few payment options, and our Invisalign patients can choose whichever option suits them the best.

Option 1: Payment in Full

Payment of the entire patient portion of the Invisalign treatment fees with cash or check results in a 5% fee reduction. For those without insurance, this could mean a savings of around three hundred dollars.

Option 2: Down Payment and Monthly Pay-Off

For this option, a down payment of $2000 is required, and the rest of the patient portion is then broken up into monthly payments up to ten months. 

Option 3: Healthcare Financing

We work with two healthcare financing companies that allow you to apply for the amount you need and break up the amount into smaller monthly payments up to 12 months with no interest. Check out Care Credit at your convenience. 

Questions? Come see us and we will find the financial option that is right for you!