Breaking Down Flossing: A 3 Part Series #3

By Mina Levi, DDS, 05/07/2015

In the dental office of Mina Levi, DDS, we highly recommend brushing twice per day and flossing at least once per day. We recommend a variety of products, including Listerine’s woven or “Gum Care” floss and the Waterpik water flosser. It can be unclear to many people what exactly each type of flossing is and the pros and cons of all of them, so in this 3-series article,Dentist San Francisco Mina Levi, DDS breaks down three flossing options: traditional dental flossthe Waterpik water flosser, and the Phillip’s airfloss flosser.

Week 3: AirFloss

AirFloss Dentist San Francisco 94108

What is it?
AirFloss is a device by Philips to remove plaque biofilm from between the teeth. It uses a rapid burst of air and water droplets to disrupt the biofilm from between the teeth. It is called “miroburst technology.”

How do I use it?
Direct the tip of the AirFloss to the spaces between the teeth. Once you have it in place, click on it for the microburst to remove the plaque. Then repeat this point-and-click method of cleaning between all teeth, which is a bit similar to the point-and-click feel of a computer mouse.

1.  Is portable
2.  Good for people whose gums bleed with regular flossing
3.  Effective in removing plaque from tooth surfaces

1.       More expensive than floss and the Waterpik
2.       Can cause pain in the gums

We have now discussed three flossing options: traditional dental floss, the Waterpik water flosser, and the Phillips AirFloss. Which one is your preference? If you have questions about flossing or water flossing, visit San Francisco Dentist Mina Levi, DDS on the web at or give us a call at (415) 513-5066.