Why are my Teeth Sensitive and What Can I do about it?
By Mina Levi, DDS, 11/20/2014

When your teeth are “sensitive”, you can feel a pain when you breathe in cold air, or when you eat or drink anything cold or hot. Tooth sensitivity is caused by the movement of fluid located in the layer of tissue of the tooth beneath the hard enamel, which results in nerve irritation. When the hard enamel is worn down or the gums have receded, this area can be exposed, causing the sensitivity. This week, Dentist San Francisco Mina Levi, DDS discusses tooth sensitivity and treatment options for making this better.

Tooth sensitivity dentist San Francisco

Is tooth sensitivity a common condition?
Yes, about 40 million people suffer from having sensitive teeth.

How can I avoid sensitive teeth?
The first tip to avoiding sensitive teeth is to try and avoid gum recession condition, which can be caused by brushing the teeth too hard in a side to side motion. Also, avoid using abrasive toothpastes like whitening toothpaste that can aggravate the condition.

What can I do about my sensitive teeth?
Tooth sensitivity can be reduced by using desensitizing toothpaste, and having Dentist San Francisco Mina Levi, DDS apply sealants and other desensitizing/filling materials. Avoid habits such as consumption of acid-containing foods and soda throughout the day. Avoid using a hard bristled toothbrush or brushing your teeth too hard.

When should I see the dentist?
If one or more teeth are highly sensitive for a period of a few days and reacts to hot and cold temperatures, then call the dentist and set up an appointment so that San Francisco Dentist Mina Levi DDS can evaluate the sensitivity and prescribe the best method of alleviate the pain.

What can the dentist do about the sensitivity?
The Dentist San Francisco can treat hypersensitivity in multiple ways, including office treatments and home products for patients to use. The dentist may seal the areas of exposed dentin or apply a fluoride gel over the tops of the teeth. The dentist may also prescribe a fluoride gel for home use or an over-the-counter desensitizing toothpaste containing fluoride.

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