Comprehensive Cosmetic Treatment
By Mina Levi, DDS, 08/14/2014
A 22 year old female A.G. saw Dentist San Francisco Dr. Mina Levi with a chief complaint of crowding of the teeth and an upper front tooth sticking out more than she would like. The front tooth that was sticking out had a previous history of a root canal with a large plastic composite bonding over the tooth. The secondary concern was the overall look of the teeth with color and shape. After the initial examination, it was concluded that the patient would be a good candidate for Invisalign orthodontic treatment to correct the crowding and pull the front tooth into alignment with the rest of the upper teeth.

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The Invisalign treatment lasted 10 months for patient A.G., and the teeth were aligned.

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Once the Invisalign treatment was completed, Dr. Mina Levi suggested Zoom whitening to change the color of the teeth. However, the root canalled tooth in the front with the composite material on the top would not change color, and a new restoration would have to be placed at the time that the shape of the teeth was being changed.

After the Zoom whitening, the patient decided to restore the front 8 teeth with Lumineers, very thin limited-prep veneers. To begin this process, San Francisco Dentist Mina Levi, DDS reshaped the gumline using laser dentistry, and also re-contoured the teeth in order for the veneers to fit well and not look too bulky in the mouth.

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After the re-contouring was finished, Dr. Mina Levi took impressions of the teeth and sent them to the laboratory for the Lumineers to be fabricated. About three weeks later, the veneers were placed.

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After about 11 months of treatment, through Invisalign, Zoom whitening and Lumineers, the final restorations gave the following final result:

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