A More Affordable Option for Full Mouth Reconstruction
By Mina Levi, DDS, 09/04/2014

66 year old female L.D. presented to Dentist San Francisco Mina Levi, DDS with an old broken partial denture and needed to explore full mouth reconstruction with minimally invasive options. There are multiple ways to approach a full mouth reconstruction. The first is to place implants in the areas of the missing teeth and restore with crowns. This is the most bio-mimetic option as the implant acts just as a natural tooth root would. However, this option is also the most expensive. Another option is to replace the partial denture. The most cost-effective option, however is to replace the denture with Snap-On Smile.

What is Snap-On Smile?
Snap-On Smile is an affordable cosmetic solution that can be either temporary or permanent. Snap-On Smile is made from impressions of the individual’s own teeth to be able to “snap on” over the teeth and cover any aesthetically unappealing flaws. It is made from dental resin, which makes it thin but strong enough to eat and drink with.
The Snap-On Smile is great for patients who:
1. Have gaps or spacing between the teeth. Invisalign clear aligners are also great for this issue as well, but the Snap-on-Smile is a little more cost-effective.
2. Have overly-crowded teeth.
3. Have teeth that are shorter than usual.
4. Are waiting for implants to heal before the crown is placed.
5. Are looking for an alternative to old fashioned partial dentures.
Patient L.D. decided to go with the Snap-On Smile option.

Dentist San Francisco Snap on Smile

After replacing two crowns due to dental decay, the Snap-On Smile was delivered and the patient was very happy with the result.

Dentist San Francisco Dentures

If you have any questions or concerns, or would like to see if Snap-On Smile is right for you, visit the Dentist San Francisco Mina Levi DDS on the web atwww.minalevidds.com or give us a call at (415) 513-5066.