How Weight Loss Products and Health Drinks Affect Teeth
By Mina Levi, DDS 07/10/2014

We are almost constantly being bombarded with advertisements for new weight loss supplements or health and energy drinks, whether it is on television, the radio, or a big printed ad at the supermarket. What many people don’t think of when they are determining whether or not to try this type of health drink or weight loss product is what affect they will have on the teeth. In this article, we will discuss how different health/weight loss substances affect oral health.

Weight loss drinks/supplements
Many weight loss drinks and supplements contain high acid content. Acid in the mouth causes an increase in the speed of development of dental cariesand also produces cervical staining. Also, acids like this may cause gum recession, which exposes more tooth structure and can cause sensitivity.

Cleanses, juices and shakes
Detox cleanses and juice fasts may cause severe tooth structure loss and can even expose the dentin, causing extreme sensitivity. The structure loss also makes the teeth look shorter. Shakes and smoothies tend to be high in acid, sugar and carbohydrates. If these products are over-consumed, they can lower the pH in the mouth (making it more acidic) and lead to demineralization and dental caries.

Energy and sports drinks
Energy and sports drinks, like soda, are highly acidic. While a person is drinking the energy drink, the acid stays in the mouth and can erode the tooth surface, causing decay, gum recession and loss of tooth structure.


Diet fads and their effects on the health of the teeth are a large concern for dentists and patients. It is important to understand the effects of these products and understand the consequences that follow consuming these products. If you are concerned about your diet or supplements you may be taking, contact Dentist San Francisco Mina Levi, DDS at or give us a call at (415) 513-5066.