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11/24/2016 - Dagmar E. - San Francisco, CA

I am a new patient very happy with their friendly, professional and no gimmicks approach.

10/27/2016 - Cassandra H. - San Francisco, CA

Dr. Levi and her staff are attentive, gracious and efficient. I am new to this practice and generally wary of dentists and fearfully anticipate pain on my twice yearly visits, but this was way better than I expected for two fillings. Happy to rate them 5 stars, they earned it!

10/26/2016 - Jeffrey K. - San Francisco, CA

Always excellent service! Doctor and hygienist are very professional and open. Highly recommend.

02/26/2016 - Edward K. - San Francisco, CA

Dr. Levi and her staff are wonderfully competent & friendly, conveniently located, and using state-of-the-art technology.

02/25/2016 - Torsten G. - San Francisco, CA

As always, on time, great service, and a very friendly team. And flexible when it comes to rearranging appointments or taking care of little things on the spot. Love this place (as much as you can love dentists ;-))!

02/23/2016 - Jacob M. - San Francisco, CA

Dr. Mina is gentle and caring with her patients. She's the best. And her staff are friendly professional gals.

02/19/2016 - Olga R. - San Francisco, CA

I have bee a patient of Dr. Levi for 2+ years now and know I am getting solid dental care from her and Beth. They are easy to talk to and I trust their recommendations. The dental office is bright and very clean. It is small, but a very nice and comfortable space. I highly recommend Dr. Levi's office.

01/12/2016 - Rainey M. - San Francisco, CA

I was very pleased with the overall experience. Everyone who works there is great!

01/06/2016 - Rosemaria G. - San Francisco, CA

Dr Levi is amazing. She is patient and cheerful on top of being a great dentist. She is extremely competent and very thorough. She also has a great staff.

10/16/2015 - Lasantha R. - San Francisco, CA

Since 2013 beginning I come to Dr.Levi and she is the best in the city.., great professional...I recommend anyone to make the first visit and you will never leave this place., she is so friendly and caring..

10/08/2015 - Lauren W. - San Francisco, CA

I used to hate going to the dentist until I started seeing Dr. Levi. I've had nothing but wonderful experiences with her practice. The hygienists and Ali at the front desk are also amazing.

10/02/2015 - Larry S. - San Francisco, CA

Extremely attentive care, both from the hygienicist and staff, as well as Dr. Levi herself. Nice contrast to busy, crowded, multi-doctor practices where you feel shuffled through a revolving door of patients, with brief instructions to floss and quick view of your x-rays. This team is truly invested in educating about proper care, explaining specific issues in detail, and helping you consider options in light of your insurance situation. Office space and waiting area is a bit bare bones, but conveniently located near Union Square. Truly a great "boutique" practice - -highly recommended.

09/18/2015 - Ginger K. - San Francisco, CA

Dr. Levi is very careful and thorough, as is her hygienist Beth. And Shannon at the front desk is great, too. I feel like I'm in good hands.

09/16/2015 - Teresa P. - San Francisco, CA

Mina and her staff are friendly and knowledgable. They were super-responsive leading up to my appointment talking through my insurance coverage, which was really helpful. And the care I received at the office was thorough; they were happy to explain what they were doing and answer questions I had with additional details. Overall, a great experience.

09/10/2015 - Katrina F. - San Francisco, CA

Best dentist

08/04/2015 - Lara P. - San Francisco, CA

Always efficient, thorough and professional!

07/27/2015 - Olga R. - San Francisco, CA

Dr. Levi and her team - Ali, Beth, Akilah and Wendy - have been wonderful since my first visit in February 2014. They have always made me feel comfortable and cared for. I love when I walk into their office and see a clean and professional-looking office.

07/22/2015 - Wa H. - San Francisco, CA

Good advice and service

07/22/2015 - Michael M. - San Francisco, CA

Excellent service as always with personable staff and dentist. I have recommended Dr. Levi to a friend in the past and would do so again.

07/08/2015 - Amit J. - San Francisco, CA

had a fantastic and pleasant experience!! The doctor was very patient, explained everything in detail, provided alternatives to whatever needed to be done with clear timelines / options etc. Overall, am so glad went here. (especially after a harrowing experience at western dental. Highly recommended!!

06/23/2015 - Simona S. - San Francisco, CA

Great service, excellent cleaning and check up, thorough, timely, and pleasant!

06/20/2015 - Lasantha R. - San Francisco, CA

I am so happy with the service and treatments at Dr. Mina Levi clinic. Dr. Mina and her staff are so friendly and experienced. Dr. Mina always cares and takes care of me when I go for a treatment.

06/16/2015 - Anonymous - San Francisco, CA

My experience was very positive. I was asked questions and multiple different tests were done to try to determine what the issue might be. Everyone was very friendly and the appointment was efficient.

06/11/2015 - Glenn T. - San Francisco, CA

Always a great experience. Appointments are quick and professional. Dr Levi and everyone in the office is super friendly. Extra services that might be useful for my dental care are mentioned, but a hard sell is never given.

06/02/2015 Anonymous. - San Francisco, CA

Dr. Levi and her staff were all prompt, professional and upbeat. I felt like my exam was thorough and the advice from Dr. Levi was on the mark without any attempt to oversell services. I am a happy customer.

05/28/2015 Sean C. - San Francisco, CA

Great job! Thanks again!

05/08/2015 Sarah A. - San Francisco, CA

I couldn't be happier with the standard of care I received from Dr. Levi and her staff. I went in, concerned about the state of my teeth, etc. The entire office was welcoming, and supportive, taking the time to thoroughly examine and clean my teeth, x-ray them, and explain the treatment options. I was impressed by Dr. Levi's approach to the repairs/treatment needed, explaining what was a priority v. a "watch item." My cleaning was thorough and wonderful done. Thank you all.

04/03/2015 Leslie H. - San Francisco, CA

I have been very happy with the level of service I have received from Dr Levi.  I was referred to her from a friend, and in turn I have recommended her to everyone I know in need of a dentist and they have all been very pleased.  Dr Levi is very professional and thorough, and her staff are great too.  Highly recommended!

05/12/2015 Laura H. - San Francisco, CA

Dr. Levi is extremely professional, explains procedures and options clearly and thoroughly and takes patient input and needs into consideration. The office is conveniently located and very clean.

Ali, Dr. Levi's receptionist is wonderful as well! She is very friendly and great to work with when it comes to billing questions. She sends out an appointment email immediately after you schedule and is a great conversationalist if you have to wait. However, wait time is minimal.

I highly recommend Dr. Levi.

03/17/2014 Peter T. - San Francisco, CA

I came to Dr. Levi at the recommendation of two colleagues and I've not been disappointed. It's a small practice and the great part is that Dr. Levi gets to know you as an individual and isn't afraid to take the extra time to get to know more about you and your dental history to prescribe the best treatment for you. Both Dr. Levi and her team are genuinely enthusiastic about dental care and are inspiring in getting you to take better care of your teeth and in the 8 months+ of care under her, my teeth and gums have never been better. I'm about to start Invis-Align treatment and it's very reassuring to know that she has the experience and that my dentist is easily contactable should I have any questions. For all those who've had bad experiences and are just distrustful of dentists in general, I would say give Dr. Levi a try and you'll find out that visiting the dentist can be a pleasant affair! Bonus points: The new equipment and tech really helps in just visualizing the state of your own teeth.

03/14/2014 Mike P. - San Francisco, CA

I have not been the most diligent person with regards to regular check ups.  So with the advent of new insurance, I chose Dr. Levi almost at random (Amazon group thingy, I believe). I am glad I did. They are very friendly and Dr Levi is thorough in her explanations about what needs to be done. It was just me; I did not feel like part of an assembly line, which has been my past experience. I imagine I will be more diligent now.

01/20/2014 Harland K. - San Francisco, CA

Broken tooth, need to see a dentist the same day, they fit me with without hesitation. Professional and friendly front office staff. Dr. Levi is confident and a very skill dentist.

11/12/2013 Laurie B. - San Francisco, CA

She is AWESOME. She is patient and friendly and very informative (it made the sometimes scary experience of going to the dentist a pleasurable one). If you're looking for a great dentist in SF - I highly recommend going to Mina. The staff is also very nice.


11/11/2013 Beekay M. - San Francisco, CA

Really like Dr. Levi.  Hubby and I have moved with her from the "pretty art gallery" style Jackson Sq Dentistry over to the straightforward 450 Sutter (brand new equipment, but it's an old art Deco bldg). Customer service is great and I don't think she will fill cavities without reason! I have been shown photos of the said cavity where needed and given the choice of waiting to see, or taking action so I appreciate her honesty - and gentle techniques.


10/10/2013 Wardy L. - San Francisco, CA

I'm an avid reader of and rely on Yelp reviews, but I'm usually not one to write them. With that being said, I received such great and caring service from everyone at Dr. Levi's office that I wanted to share my experience. I stumbled upon her through my local Amazon deal. I never really liked going to the dentist. I doubt that there are many that do. Therefore, I hadn't seen one in quite some time. But I was in need of dental care which I couldn't put off any longer. After reading all of Dr. Levi's great reviews, I was sold and made an appointment. When I got there, I was naturally anxious about the whole thing. But Dr. Levi and her staff really put me at ease right from the very get go. And after seeing her for the first time up to my third visit now, everything that has been written about her and her staff is spot on. So make that appointment to see her if you're looking for dental care with five star customer service.


10/09/2013 Ray D. - San Francisco, CA

Fantastic service!  Always honest and willing to go the extra mile for the client.  Couldn't be happier and will continue to refer friends.


10/09/2013 Levi R.  - San Francisco, CA

I came to Dr. Levi's office for a basic exam and cleaning and was blown away at how friendly the entire office is.  They treated me like a was a usual customer despite my being there for the first time.  Dr. Levi did a fantastic job cleaning my teeth (doing the ultrasonic cleaning is a lot nicer than having someone scrape at your teeth for an hour) and was friendly and personable.  She gave me some great advice for improving my oral care (and just smiled when I said I flossed sometime even though we both knew I hadn't) which I will definitely follow up on. The rest of the office is friendly too!  The receptionist Ali was very helpful in figuring out all of my information and I did not have to wait long while I was there.  I even shared a laugh with the dental assistant Fariba who did a fantastic job finishing off the cleaning. I will definitely be coming back here to get all of my dental work done!


09/18/2013 Ivana K. - Walnut Creek, CA

Mina Levi DDS has always been able to put me on ease and make my usually nervous visit to a dentist's office less stressful. She is very caryng and professional. I am recommending her without hesitation.


09/18/2013 Merle K. - Montreal

Dr. Levi is excellent, highly professional in her work and manner, using the latest equipment with great expertise.


09/17/2013 Boriana A. - San Francisco, CA

Dr. Mina Levi is a very detailed and friendly dentist. I had multiple appointments with her for Invisalign consultation and fittings, teeth cleanings, xrays, dental check ups. I would recommend her to any of my family or friends since she is very nice, gentle and made my teeth look sparkly white, healthy and straight.


09/17/2013 Saadeh H. - Novato, CA

I was very impressed with Dr Mina Levy as an honest, professional and talented dentist. She is current with the latest technology and experienced in orthodontic treatment as well.


09/16/2013 Paulina C. - San Francisco, CA

Dr Mina Levi is the best dentist in all of San Francisco!  I met her first when I had a Groupon and she was very nice and helpful and didn't suggest all the things I needed to get done right away without insurance.  We waited till I had insurance and then she suggested the things that should be taken care of which were all within reason and necessary and now luckily all my teeth are fine and crowned etc. and I am back again with no insurance but will continue flossing and taking care of my own teeth as much as I can and am still going back to her for my checkups etc.


8/2/2013 Katie R. - San Francisco, CA

One of the best experiences i've had at a dental office!  Dr. Levi is a professional, personable dentist with very accurate diagnosis and treatment!  Her office is comfortable and very clean and has a very friendly staff!


07/24/2013 Patrick D. - San Francisco, CA

Dr. Levi was formerly a member of Jackson Square Dentistry where I met her when she cleaned and polished my teeth one time. At the time I was not her patient but rather Dr. Katz's. She advised me that I should enhance my daily dental routine with the use of a different floss (woven) and dental picks. She gave me samples to try. i gave her resistance, to which she chose to gloss over. My beef was the tendency of some dental professionals to think a person has nothing better to do in life than preen and fiddle with their mouths all day. Nevertheless, since I had the samples, I thought I'd just give it a try. The picks are brutal to the gums when first used. But I did notice evidence that they were performing above and beyond what just flossing does, After a week or so, my healthier gums were no longer brutalized. So, I kept on with the process after buying more supplies. When I returned to Jackson Square Dentistry for my 6 month checkup, I found that Dr. Levi was no longer there. I was disappointed because I was intending to switch to her as my dentist. A couple of months later I found that Dr. Levi had opened her own office at 450 Sutter. I made an appointment with her in a heartbeat. Others here have praised her thoroughness, professionalism, friendliness, gentleness, personality and knowledge--all of which I can vouch for. Her office is small but fine (the references to a beautiful office like an art gallery refer to the Jackson Square Dentistry office). The staff is friendly and personable. The atmosphere is relaxed. And unlike an office that is like an art gallery, I get the impression that there is no push for unnecessary procedures to feed the upscale life style. Personally, I'd rather pay for necessary dental work and not think that I'm being upsold to finance wine and cheese tastings! You should seriously consider Dr. Levi as your dentist. You can not go wrong.


03/10/2013 DM. - Lafayette, CA

Dr. Levi has a small but welcoming office at 450 Sutter.  Her team is very pleasant and professional and makes pleasant a visit that most of us view with dread.  I have had a regular dentist for years and visited Mina on the recommendation from a friend.  It was the first time that I received such a thorough review of the condition of my teeth combined with a full plan to ensure the preservation of good oral health.  She pointed out that my silver fillings that I have had for the last 35 years were putting pressure on my molars and could eventually cause them to crack and therefore should be replaced.  Sure enough a month later, a big chip came off the molar, necessitating a trip back to her for the work.  I appreciate the time that Mina takes to fully explain the procedure that she is going to do and then during the procedure, continues to check it to assess how you are feeling.  I believe that she is up to date on the latest technology and approaches to care. Well I still don't look forward to going to the dentist, when I do, it will be back to Mina.


03/05/2013 Polly X. - San Francisco, CA

 Hello I have been going to Dr Levi for over two years and first met here when I had no insurance and one of those coupons.  She was very thorough and did a good examination and told me what I would need ....four crowns ...but none were urgent and could wait till I had insurance which luckily I got a few months later and then I started getting all the crowns done.  I think she is very good and very honest and has a very pleasing, reassuring personality.  Yes I actually enjoy going to the dentist now that I have no insurance again am hoping my teeth will be okay till I get insurance again but will still continue going to her as I know she will not overcharge me. Cheers to Dr Mina Levi and I hope she is here in the city for a long time to come as she is an excellent dentist and I would recommend her to anyone. p.s. I did love her old office at Jackson Square as it was closer to my office and home and did resemble an art gallery.  However the new one on Sutter Street is very high tech and further to walk for me ...but worth it of course.

5/17/2012 Marii S. - San Francisco, CA

If you want a skilled, caring dentist with a professional, friendly and efficient staff, go no further!
I have never felt so taken care of by any dentist before Dr. Levi.  And the office on Jackson Square is worthy of its address:  modern architecture and equipment, gorgeous design, lovely art and high ceilings.  There's also street parking in the surrounding neighborhood from Washington/Sansome corner through Pacific/Montgomery Streets.  
Dr. Levi is one-of-a-kind.  This is my first and only Yelp review, but I would be remiss not to let the world know about her.


12/12/2011 Mari C. - San Francisco, CA

Who knew dentistry could be so right?
First off, the office was so beautiful that I thought it was an art gallery, or a furniture store, or a high-end drug-trafficking hub.  Exposed brick walls, great art, super helpful receptionist... not your average dental experience.  Not a single "Top hits from the 80s, 90s, and today" played over the speakers.  Are you sure this is a dental office? I have to admit, I was a little nervous because I had neglected going to the dentist for... well... ahem... more than the recommended 6 months.  I bought a daily deal for a cleaning, X-ray, and consultation, and even then, I put it off until it was almost expired. But the very cute, friendly receptionist was able to book me PAST the expiration date while still honoring the deal.  Niiiiiice.  If I was a dude, and single, I probably would've fallen in love with her. Mr. Mina Levi is all you could want in a dentist.  Helpful, gentle, informative, and never made me feel guilty about not flossing.  Well, maybe a little bit, but I'm sure it was for my own good.  She explained what was going on in my mouth, put me at ease, and made recommendations without pressuring me. Overall, the experience was surprisingly great. I may even be willing to make a second venture out to the office, even though its in no way convenient to my home.


7/2/2011 Kara Z. - San Francisco, CA

She was fantastic! I hadn't been to a dentist in over a year and she was very nice and communicative about what she was doing and what dental work I might need to have done. My only complaint was the long-ish wait in the waiting area... but I think that's typical of any dental office.
I will definitely be back.


5/15/2011 S. Boyd - Davis, CA

I was pleasantly surprised by the professionalism and the kind demeanor of Dr. Levi. She is an outstanding dentist with a passion for aesthetic dentistry and uses state of the art computer technology to demonstrate the needed procedures. I would recommend her without any reservations! Dr. Boyd, MD