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Fluoridation: Part Three

By Mina Levi, DDS, 04/24/2014

In our last two articles, we have discussed water fluoridation in depth from answering the basic questions of fluoride itself to reporting national levels and the CDC findings. In the last part of the water fluoridation series, we will be discussing water fluoridation as it relates specifically to San Francisco and the surrounding bay area.

San Francisco bay area

Bay area fluoride levels

California as a state is about 63.7% fluoridated, meaning that about 63.7% of California’s entire population has fluoride in their community drinking water. The majority of the bay area has had community water fluoridation since the early 1950s, and then in 2005 the remaining bay area was included in the fluoridation with the exception of Half Moon Bay. The water in the bay area is fluoridated to the optimal level of 1.0 parts per million, which means there is one part fluoride for every one million parts water.

Bay area public opinion

In the San Francisco bay area, there are many parties that support fluoridation, while there are still arguments in the general public against it:

Organizations that support and endorse water fluoridation:

· California Medical Association

· California Department of Public Health Agencies

· American Medical Association

· US Public Health Service

· American Public Health Association

· American Council on Science

· American Holistic Health Association

· American Preventive Medicine Association

Opposing parties in the bay area arguments:

· Fluoride, unlike chlorine, is not required to make water safe to drink

· Fluoridation is forced medication

· Fluoridation may lead to a wide range of serious ailments


As San Francisco residents, how do you feel about water fluoridation in the San Francisco bay area? Let us know! Send us an email to or give us a call to discuss at (415) 513-5066.

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